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There’s nothing like having some properly fitted made to measure handmade curtains and blinds, nicely weighted, hand finished and hand seemed linings and interlinings, not machined on, we have some customers who can’t believe the change to the room, and the difference it makes, how it frames the view and softens and warms the whole atmosphere,  and can’t wait to have the next pair made, it’s really enjoyable seeing the difference it makes, the major part of our work and experience is in made to measure curtains, blinds, bespoke upholstery and furniture, when you have had enough of ill-fitting curtains, and uncomfortable sofas and armchairs, or they have just come to the end of their life,  please have a relaxed chat with us, we help customers all round the world, please e-mail us your dimension’s for a quote, or come to the barn for inspiration to get measured up and look at the options open to you, alternatively if you are busy ring to book us up to come over and measure, and we can show you different styles and techniques in your home.     

At Alexander Interiors we pride ourselves on offering our clients the finest ‘Made to Measure’ services which encompasses our bespoke options for your home decoration. You will see below that we have sectioned this into categories to give you more information on the services we provide. Due to the bespoke nature of these services we list and update examples of different styles and treatments and costs involved to help guide you and give you an idea, it’s amazing how different we all are, as we never seem to do the same thing twice, or use the same fabric in the same way, so it helps as a guide, and we measure and price for you on request. 

Our Handmade curtains and soft furnishings are all made using time honoured techniques in our Oxfordshire & Sussex workshops and lead times are usually six to eight weeks from receipt of your chosen fabric. Lead times may vary subject to busy periods and client amendments, however we will always aim to keep within our set time frame.

Some of our Genuine Handmade in England Furniture including sofas, armchairs and bespoke one off pieces could be argued as becoming antiques of the future, and have in the past been Sotheby’s rated,  usually allow for a lead time of six to eight weeks from receipt of your chosen fabric or design, to installation, however more intricate pieces can take longer and you will be advised on the lead time when placing your order


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